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Business Process Improvement aims to review current business process to remove non-value added activities creating a more efficient and leaner process. This results in cost savings, better customer experience and reduced workload and staff.

Computer Security Consulting involves the assessment of a company's vulnerability to attacks on its computer system. Associated with this area consulting is also the recommendation of relevant best practices and improving access control.

Disaster Recovery Management focuses on the procedures and processes that an organization has established and documented to restore its IT Operations to its former state after a disaster.

Training is a necessary service associated with consulting that will bring awareness to all levels of staff about IT related issues and practices. Many incidences of security breaches occurred because of simple mistakes made by members of staff who are unaware of the implications of their actions.

Management Support is vital area of consulting that is geared to provide companies with technical support to design and develop plans to grow the company by selecting and implementing appropriate business technologies.

Harware and software sourcing - contract our services to source what you need.
“we design technology solutions that provide the ’smartcut’ to success”