Ellivro Corporation is committed to customer satisfaction and respects the decisions of its customers. We abide by this refund and cancellation policy that is fair and easy to understand.

There is no refund or credit for a partial month. If you paid your renewal before your actual due date and cancel your subscription by sending a notice by email before the due date you will receive a full refund.
Note: In the event we did not receive an email cancelation notice, we will accept a re-sent email that shows the date that the original email was sent.
In addition to the processing of any applicable refund, the cancellation process also invokes the removal of all data associated with the account. All data is removed permanently (purged from our databases) with 14days of cancellation. We will not be able to retrieve any information after cancellation is completed and will not be liable for any implication or loss arising from the inability to restore data that was once stored in our databases.
Refunds and Cancellation Policy for SaaS
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